deLight 2016 Pipeline Trail Lanterns

deLight Fest Launches

deLight Fest was conceived by Hamilton Dialogues founder Fatima Mesquita and her project partner Nic Li, with a small team of community leaders in the east end of Hamilton. It was incubated in the Hamilton Community Foundation’s Neighbourhood Leadership Institute.

We are a small team with great hopes to make our city more vibrant and our winter more colourful through community engagement.

DeLight is a festival designed to bring people together. It is a participatory event, mainly funded by individual sponsorships of lanterns and a collective plan and execution of the whole installation.

This year will be installing around 500 Chinese lanterns to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the Pipeline Trail in the Crown Point neighbourhood, between Province and Graham streets, just a few blocks East of Ottawa Street.

Sponsors and Supporters

deLight Fest 2016 was supported by:

Sponsorship was provided by:

From Concept to Reality

Building the pergola and installing the lanterns was a community effort.

deLight 2016 Images

Archival photographs

deLight 2016 invited the community to sponsor a lantern with a hero card attached to the polls. In total we had XX community members sponsor lanterns with dedications to family members, the environment, and Hamilton. We collected sponsorships through the deLight Fest website using the imagery below.