deLight 2018 GArbaGE FOREST

February 17, 2018

When thinking about our collective human legacy, it has never been more important to consider how we treat our environment. When you look around the city, many times your view is blemished by garbage blowing through our parks, trails and streets. Often you will catch sight of the ubiquitous plastic bag caught in the branches of a tree. Sadly, this has become our legacy. We are planting garbage instead of trees.

A forest of plastic has sprung up within the actual forest. And the thought process in the legacy of Gage Park, where trees were planted decades ago to benefit future generations has been forgotten. We are not being good ancestors. Our values have changed from that of previous generations – the commercial is celebrated and daily living has been corporatized. The rise in the use of plastics has paralleled this shift in values and culture. It has become unescapable. In many ways we are all responsible and it’s easy to assume we don’t have a choice – but we do.

DeLight, Hamilton’s Light Fest returned on Saturday, February 17, 2018, with a whimsical light installation in Gage Park to show that the park belongs to all of us – along with its forest of garbage.

The installation of lit-up sky dancers made of recycled plastic bags will playfully remind us that we can make better choices for ourselves and our community.

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