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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of projects does THD fund?

We are primarily interested in public project proposals that are accessible for many people, meaning they are low-cost, in public areas that are easily accessible, and in areas that generally under-served by current cultural institutions. This is why our work has primarily been organized and presented in east Hamilton.

That said, we are open to proposals that challenge and engage us in diverse, equitable and inclusive ways.

I am an artist / we are an artists collective. Can we collaborate?

Yes! We are always looking for opportunities to work with artists. The Hamilton Dialogues is based in Hamilton, Ontario. Due to our geographic constrictions, we are presently only working on projects in the Greater Hamilton Area. If you are interested in installing an art piece in that jurisdiction, please consider contacting us to collaborate. We are always looking for opportunities to meet new artists and making connections that deepen cultural impact.

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Are you looking for volunteers?

Yes! At present, we are looking to expand our Board of Directors to expand our program offerings. Are you interested in gaining Board of Director experience in an arts organization? We are actively recruiting for the 2023-2024 year. A board call out will be forthcoming in April 2023.

When we have a major project planned, we will put a general call out for volunteers to assist. Many of our projects include free workshops where you can learn new skills and participate in art activities in the community.

When is the next deLight Fest Happening?

There are no plans at present for our next deLight, but we will inform anyone who is interested as soon as we know ourselves.

If you are interested in participating in a future deLight Fest, please consider signing up for our newsletter. We will let our subscribers know first.

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